Austrian World Music Association

The Austrian World Music Association is an independent organization and platform which connects all players in the field of “world music”: musicians, agents, managers, promoters, label owners, traders, journalists, associations, and arts initiatives. All institutions and individuals who work in the field of world music in Austria and have strong ties and great passion for “World Music made in Austria” are eligible for membership. It is a central aim of the association to improve conditions for people and institutions in the field of world music and to significantly increase the visibility and presence of world music in Austria.

World Music made in Austria

In the past 20 years the segment of "world music" has emancipated itself from its niche and has become an internationally renowned musical genre. The international world music market has long recognized this opportunity to market "local stars" internationally, and convenes regularly at international world music fairs such as WOMEX and Babel Med. Developments such as worldwide networks and globalization have significantly contributed to the fact that both brass band music from Eastern Europe or Cuban rhythms have become part of cultural activities and life in Austria. There is a large number of outstanding groups and artists who still need support, more opportunities to perform, and more public attention. By championing world music, IG World Music Austria seeks to take a step into this direction.

Tasks and Goals

The Austrian World Music Association thus unites all people and associations working in world music and has the following tasks and goals:

Public Relations for the world music sector in Austria | Information seminars for members | Regular exchange among members | Participation in world music fairs such as WOMEX, Babel Med, etc. | Networking with partner organizations in and outside of Europe

To clearly recognize the public perception of the “world music” sector | To improve the situation of musicians and institutions | To cooperate with international partner organizations | To establish a World Music Festival and concert series in Vienna | To establish and organize the Austrian World Music Awards


Austrian World Music Awards

The Austrian World Music Awards first took place in 2004, and were created in order to give artists in the field of world music the recognition and publicity they deserve. Today, the Austrian World Music Awards are an integral and indispensable part of the Austrian music scene. This musical competition reveals the stylistic developments of the past decade, and gives many, predominantly young, musicians the opportunity and a wonderful platform to demonstrate their dedication and skills before a selected jury of experts and an avid audience. The Awards were spearheaded by the World Music Austria Association for the first time in 2014.
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The Austrian World Music Association is putting together a shared stand for Austrian representatives at Womex (World Music Expo), which will be hosted by the Austrian World Music Association on location.
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Public Relations

The Austrian World Music Association wishes to raise public awareness for "World Music made in Austria" and to thereby help to improve the situation of the Austrian world music scene and all its actors. Various activities, such as world music concerts, participation in international music fairs and media relations should familiarize the public with the Austrian world music scene's potential.

Information Exchange and Networking

The Austrian World Music Association provides its members with important information from the world music scene and creates and strengthens networks for its members (artists, booking agencies, festivals, music clubs, labels, distributors, etc.).